Fashionable Pet Luxury for Dogs & Cats

Welcome to La Doggie Vita and the world of fashion luxury items for pets. La Doggie Vita or LDV came to light in late 2013 when husband and wife team James and Jessica Gibbins were shopping for then puppy, Carl the Great Dane. As Carl grew up it became increasing difficult to find a blanket suitable for a dog of Carl's size or one that reflected the style and taste of the broader pet community. Seeing a gap in the market combined with Jessica's extensive experience in the fashion industry, the mission for LDV was to create fashion forward, affordable, high quality pet bedding and accessories for dogs & cats that are on trend.

James Carl Jess Gibbins La Doggie Vita

James, Carl and Jess Gibbins. Founders of La Doggie Vita  

Over the next 12 months the team travelled around the world attending dog shows, sourcing fabrics, and developing their products in a bid to put together the perfect range that was fit for purpose, suited a broad range of tastes and came together as a cohesive, matching collection. What sets LDV products apart from other luxury pet brands is their distinctly Australian design element as well as their expectations for the highest quality, that only truly comes from being dog lovers. LDV's attention to detail and very high expectations are evident in the quality and the popularity of their products in stores. LDV is currently available in over 60 stores Australia wide. But this is only the beginning. The gang have grand plans and many new products are in the works to meet your dogs every need... Because your dog’s life was meant to be easy!

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